North Shore Home and Garden Show from 9/03/2018 - 11/03/2018. We will have booth just before exit. Same place as always. CraftWorld Westgate has now moved to Northwest mall with the new name KiwiCreated 3/48 Maki St, Massey, Auckland 0614. Coffee shop owners- we have popular and delicious nougat bars for you ...
The Liquorice Land

Who are we?

The Liquorice Land is a distributor of The New Generation Liquorice Int who has been in business from 1993.

Our products are often a hit with the individual or company wanting to give people something a little bit different.

Give them to friends, staff or customers.

Give them for the festive season, company birthday, in appreciation, to build goodwill or just as a treat.

Our products are often used on a day-to-day basis for saying, "Thank-you" or even, "Sorry". Managers sometimes add some product to clients' purchases.

Their usage is practically unlimited.

Our products are fresh, and there is a large and changing variety on offer. We are careful about hygiene.

They are made by a large New Zealand manufacturer using raw materials sourced as much as possible in NZ and produced to very high standards.